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This is A’Kyria.


There are frozen wastes and oceans that stretch to the edges of forever; lands of strange beliefs, alien, bizarre or comforting in its familiarity.

It is a land of infinite possibilities, where magic and technology, peasant and space ranger can meet just as easily as neighbors taking out the trash. It is a world where the only limits are the limits you place on yourself…

How to Play A’Kyria

Story focused, traditional
pen & paper RPG gameplay.
Downloadable addon “Pods”
that continue your storyline.
Downloadable Apps that make
managing your game info easy!


Welcome to A’Kyria.

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planetAbout Our Own Game Company

Long ago, in a universe like ours, was a bored teenager who had nothing better to do than to create his own role playing game.

It started out as Micro World, a place where humans shrunk smaller than insects and spent their days just trying to survive.

Thinking this was a bit morbid and dull, he tinkered with the game off and on for years, finally settling on the concept of A’Kyria…

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Company News & Events

New Pod (Rock Roll ‘n’ Bandits) Available!

October 6, 2016


The pod: Rock Roll ‘n’ Bandits (AK000020) is now available for purchase. It is a starting Rank pod following a different story arc than Temple of the Solitary Moon. Keep checking with us for more pod releases as they become …

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When You Need to Beat the @#$% Out of Something

October 6, 2016

With the election year reaching its final death throes and every media outlet screaming doom and gloom, many of us have moved past stressed to a raging, boiling pot of Grrrr. We need an outlet and Luke Cage and the …

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Comic Con Newbs

September 26, 2016

August saw your friendly neighborhood game makers running around like BB-8 dodging blaster fire. We were prepping for our first con booth and attending comic cons doesn’t really school a body in the legwork behind a booth. Despite being the …

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