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New Website Goes Online!!!

We have upgraded!!! With the help of the great folks at Vector-Defector we now have a world class website with a full store allowing us to sell our pods along with the rule book. AWESOME!!!

Cool new logo too….

A’Kyria Pods Explained.

A’Kyria pods are software adventures designed as a referee tool to enhance the tabletop role playing experience. They are self-contained adventures aided by software, to be used with the A’Kyria game system. Each pod contains an adventure story line, creatures, treasure, traps and a host of other elements, as well as, devices to track characters, combat and game play.

While each pod has pictures and maps, pods are not video games. They are intentionally simple in look and approach so the software will not detract from the referee’s imagination and the essence of the tabletop role playing experience.

Each pod adventure will lead directly to one or more additional pods, branching out into multiple story lines and multiple paths that a referee can choose from.

Look for new pods to become available.

First A’Kyria Pods Available!


On October 1st, the first A’Kyria pods will be available for sale. The current pods for sale are Temple of the Solitary Moon (AK000010) and River Cave Outcasts (AK000030). They can be played separately, but the base story arc has pod 30 following pod 10.

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