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V&V legal battle

Controversy Over V&V Goes to Court
Having won the legal battle for copyright over the original comic book RPG “V and V”, comic book writer Jack Herman and designer-artist Jeff Dee are being sued for ownership of the Villains and Vigilantes trademark. To win this lawsuit, they require specialized legal counsel. They will need frequent legal assistance up until April of 2016. They have started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the money for it.

Release of the third edition of V and V will be dependent on winning this court case. Dan “SMIF” Smith, Jack “Statesman” Emmert (City of Heroes), Denis Loubet, Jill Thompson, and many others are amongst the donors who will be honored with mention in the publication (provided that Jack and Jeff defend themselves against this assault on their ownership of this classic tabletop RPG property and comic book).

Premiums to encourage donation include a private V and V session run by the game’s own creators ($1000 level backer reward). More modest donations will get the donor a place on the roster called the Hall of Friends in the published 3rd Ed. book. (And, yes, it includes both random and point-balanced creation.)

Full details here:

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