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New Pod (Rock Roll ‘n’ Bandits) Available!


The pod: Rock Roll ‘n’ Bandits (AK000020) is now available for purchase. It is a starting Rank pod following a different story arc than Temple of the Solitary Moon. Keep checking with us for more pod releases as they become available. Once you download your copy of “Rock Roll ‘n’ Bandits”, you can start having hours of fun. A rule book and a couple more of your friends is all you need for one great night of entertainment. The Pod is designed for 3-4 players, but like all other Pods, can be adjusted to fit your party size with the click of a button.
Requirements are Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 (8.1) or Win10

When You Need to Beat the @#$% Out of Something

With the election year reaching its final death throes and every media outlet screaming doom and gloom, many of us have moved past stressed to a raging, boiling pot of Grrrr. We need an outlet and Luke Cage and the anticipation of the Rogue One release are not cutting it. We need to smash something with wild, gleeful abandon and not lose our day jobs in the process.

Our Own Game Company has you covered. We have developed A’Kyria Battle Pods: single creature battle pods to use in creating your own adventure or for hours of hack and slash bliss. The software will handle the battle just like our full Adventure Pod software, allow you to choose the rank of the creature and will generate treasure and training points at the end of victorious battle.

Download the creature or creatures of your choice, gather some anger soaked friends and prepare for some cathartic release. You can even give the creatures’ cute little names like “Congress” or “Politics” or “Presidential Candidates you would like to sacrifice to the Borg” and laugh with maniacal glee while you smash their butts to smithereens! Gee, I am feeling better already! You can’t beat that kind of therapy for just $1.49!

Our Own Game Company is here for you…and playing for the fun of it!

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