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Manticore Limited Edition Prints on Kickstarter!

Help us to complete our inaugural print run of an A’Kyria fantasy creature!
Over the years of brainstorming, play testing, intense discussions (ie. arguing) and innovation to create the fantasy role-playing game A’Kyria, creatures for the RPG were created. We decided on a simple, but detailed, style of pen and ink illustrations that have proved very popular with our players. This is the inaugural print run of one of our more popular renditions of a fantasy creature: The Manticore; which is one of the many creatures featured in the print and eBook versions of the A’Kyria rulebook.
With this Kickstarter campaign we hope to be able to bring some of our fantasy world to you through vinyl stickers, artist prints and the advertising material we need to spread the word that A’Kyria is ready to be enjoyed by gamers around the world. The artist prints we are offering during this campaign will be individually signed by our artist in residence, Louise Hughes.

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