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All Pod software Updated to Version

The Adventure Pod and Battle Pod software has been updated to version: Remember to update your current pod software to get the latest features and bug fixes. With this release we added these additional features to make your game play more exciting:

  • At each Adventure Pod encounter the software will notify you of the recommended encounter difficulty and will automatically adjust the encounter strength to your party if you choose.
  • The Conditional Markers for your characters and the creatures have been re-formatted to a cleaner menu option to optimize screen space.

Bug fixes include:

  • Added new creatures and weapons for use with book revision 6
  • Fixed the Extract bug

Thank you for enjoying our pod software and we hope that these fixes and features will enhance your game playing experience even more.

Remember updating your pod software requires nothing more than checking for updates under the ‘Help’ menu.

Thank you and happy gaming!

Our Own Game Company Team

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