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Novels: One World: An A'Kyria Novel

One World: An A’Kyria Novel

Trisha and Clarence never imagined their mundane lives would lead them on a perilous journey through A’Kyria, a fantastical realm where the impossible becomes reality. When a mysterious gem hurls them to the edge of the universe, these two strangers must navigate a world that is not only dangerous and unpredictable, but bends the known laws of physics. As they struggle to control the gem’s erratic powers, a dark force stalks their every move, determined to claim the gem that is their only link back to Earth.

With every leap through new lands, the gem gathers more unsuspecting members to add to their ranks. This motley crew must learn to work together, face their fears, and unlock their inner strengths to overcome the obstacles of a world where nothing is as it seems. From water worlds filled with pirate orcs, to massive underground caverns heated by a traveling moon, A’Kyria is one world full of infinite perils and boundless wonders, where simply surviving may be the greatest challenge any of them have ever faced.

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Stay tuned for more novels set in the A’Kyria universe! Plus, be on the lookout for other novels from new authors coming soon!

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