• Complete Instructions to create Characters and run an A’Kyria Adventure
  • Beginning to Advanced Skills
  • Stage 1 to 3 Spells
  • A selection of Creatures and Magic Items

A’Kyria: Rule Book

A’Kyria: Rule Book

Somewhere out in space lies the edge of the universe; a point where there is no more void, but an anti-void…or a full space. It is a wall of matter so wide, so far reaching that the beings of a thousand planets cannot trace the end of it. It is where dark matter ends and white matter begins. The end of the universe, it seems, is just the beginning of a world so vast that physics must discover new laws to explain it. The surface is merely the edge of where one stage of the universe transitions into the next. The mysterious white matter has mass but is not effected by or generates gravity. Other mass centers create gravity; they can exist anywhere and in any combination…

A’Kyria is a Table Top Role Playing Game System. It is stand alone and can be played with nothing more than pencil, paper, dice and your imagination.

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