Set up in a simplified version of our standard, full adventure pods, Battle Pods allow a referee the freedom to choose the creature they want their party to encounter. With an A’Kyria Battle Pod, the referee can select the strength of the creature, choose the number to battle, track damage, tally Training Points and supply treasure for each encounter. Requirements are Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10 

Space Tentacle: Digital Battle Pod #AKC00025

Space Tentacle: Digital Battle Pod #AKC00025

The Space Tentacle Battle Pod is an individual digital creature tool for generating encounters for the A’Kyria tabletop RPG system, developed to assist you in creating your own adventures.

Creature Description:

These creatures are anchored to asteroids or floating space debris in a stationary orbit over any given area. They hunt using tentacles that can be up to 200,000 miles in length. These tentacles dangle in the atmosphere, searching for movement on the ground below signifying prey. The targets can be organic or inorganic, but movement is what attracts them. They mindlessly strike at any movement, grasping the intended target and retracting into the stratosphere so swiftly and violently that its prey, if living, usually dies from the pressure alone. As a tentacle strikes a target it tries to grasp it for retrieval. It usually takes 3-4 successful strikes in succession to maintain a solid hold on a target before it can be drawn into the upper atmosphere. Once the tentacle starts drawing the target up, the victim has no more than 4 turns until they have been pulled out of the atmosphere. The tentacles have a reflex action that will cause them to drop their prey if one of their simple eyes has been struck. Each tentacle operates independently, striking at will, and slowly feeding on its prey in the safety of the upper reaches of the atmosphere. The tentacle has a hidden serrated mouth and its anchored body is simply a common nexus for nutrients to be distributed and waste to be eliminated. A tentacle that has been killed will shrivel up into itself being reabsorbed by the nexus.

The recommended character Rank for this creature is: 6 to 24


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