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This is A’Kyria.


A’Kyria is everything you love about tabletop roleplaying games…with a twist. Designed and developed by the geeks of Our Own Game Company in Loveland, Colorado, A’Kyria pairs a rigorously play tested and versatile tabletop game system with story driven referee software adventures called “Pods”. It’s where old school meets new school and shakes hands.

A’Kyria: One world…infinite possibilities.

How to Play A’Kyria

Story focused, traditional
pen & paper RPG gameplay.
Downloadable addon “Pods”
that continue your storyline.
Downloadable Apps that make
managing your game info easy!


Welcome to A’Kyria.

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Temple of the Solitary Moon: Digital Pod #AK000010

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planetAbout Our Own Game Company

Long ago, in a universe like ours, was a bored teenager who had nothing better to do than to create his own role playing game.

It started out as Micro World, a place where humans shrunk smaller than insects and spent their days just trying to survive.

Thinking this was a bit morbid and dull, he tinkered with the game off and on for years, finally settling on the concept of A’Kyria…

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Company News & Events

All Pod software Updated to Version

June 10, 2019

The Adventure Pod and Battle Pod software has been updated.

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All Pod software Updated to Version

July 4, 2018

The Adventure Pod and Battle Pod software has been updated to version: Remember to update your current pod software to get the latest features and bug fixes. With this release we added these additional features to make your game …

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New Battle Pod (Human Lycanthrope) Available!

December 8, 2017

The battle pod: Lycanthrope, Human(AKC00037) is now available for purchase. It can be used to add creature encounters to adventures you have created or that you are already playing. Use the Battle Pods with the same parties as other …

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