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Welcome to The OOGC, an independent game company out of Colorado!

This is A’Kyria.

A’Kyria is everything you love about tabletop roleplaying games…with a twist. This tabletop RPG pairs a rigorously play tested and versatile tabletop game system with story driven referee software adventures called “Pods”. It’s where old school meets new school and shakes hands.

A’Kyria: One world…infinite possibilities.

How to Play A’Kyria

Story focused, traditional
pen & paper RPG gameplay.
Downloadable add-on “Pods”
that continue your storyline.
Online Apps that make
managing your game info easy!

Ready to Get Started?

Start By Buying the A’Kyria Rule Book!

(Made in Loveland, CO)

Featured Products

Temple of the Solitary Moon: Digital Pod #AK000010

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Clear the Way: Digital Pod #AK000050

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Dyson’s Fear Farm: Digital Pod #AK000040

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About The OOGC: Our Own Game Company

Our Own Game Company, now known as The OOGC, is an independent game development company established in Loveland, Colorado by a bunch of geeks who wanted to add their own unique voice to the game industry.

The History

Before the company was even founded, we had designed a tabletop role playing game named A’Kyria. A’Kyria is a traditional fantasy tabletop RPG system based on an endless world of possibilities.

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Company News & Events

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Life is a Game, My Friend…

February 17, 2022

We all know the stereotype of a gamer: socially dysfunctional; lives in their parent’s basement obsessed with all things sci-fi and fantasy; only has a job so they can buy the latest updates on Steam…blah, blah, blah. For those of …

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