A’Kyria: One world…infinite possibilities

planetA’Kyria is a complete tabletop role playing game system set in the infinite world of A’kyria. Designed and developed by Our Own Game Company in Loveland, Colorado, the fantasy edition of A’Kyria’s Rulebook follows in the grand tradition of fantasy RPG adventure with Wizards and Warriors and Rogues; oh my!
Want Races and Creatures? We have them!
Want Spells and Skills? Have those too!
Want Potions, Weapons, Magic Items and a horse? It’s in there!
With the A’Kyria Rulebook, you have everything you need to create a tabletop adventure in any type of land you wish, with a versatile system you will love!
“But…what about the story?!” you say.


…Now this is where A’Kyria takes an interesting detour from traditional tabletop RPGs. In the Lands of the Ancient Empire, in an area known as the Harverhill Highlands, adventures are waiting. The stories unfold in self-contained downloadable software “pods” that contain not only the story, but tools to run the adventure. Take your party to find the lost temple where it is rumored the moon travels within the mountain peaks and the priests met a terrible end. Or maybe you wish your party to get coerced by a conniving duke to rescue his belligerent daughter from goblins. See the underground Dyson’s Sphere Farmlands bask in the light of their miniature sun. Fight the scourge of Lycanthropy; become Gladiators for the Centaurs; finish off a Mad Necromancer or simply smash your way through a horde of Giant Beetles. New stories continue to be added, eventually to fill all quarters of the Ancient Empire, from the Harverhill Highlands and the Sark Sea, to the Desert Divide, the Juninboa Jungle and beyond.
And that, my friends, is A’Kyria: One world…infinite possibilities.

Welcome to A’Kyria.

Here are sample pages from the A’Kyria rule book.

Character RacesA SkillSome SpellsCombatCreaturesSome Magic

(Made in Loveland, CO)

A'Kyria: Rule Book

  • Complete Instructions to create Characters and run an A'Kyria Adventure
  • Beginning to Advanced Skills
  • Stage 1 to 3 Spells
  • A selection of Creatures and Magic Items
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The World of A'Kyria - Map and Pods

Pods - Expand Your Map & Get New Stories!

A’Kyria pods are software adventures designed as a referee tool to enhance the tabletop role playing experience. Each pod contains an adventure story line, creatures, treasure, traps and a host of other elements, as well as, devices to track characters, combat and game play.

While each pod has pictures and maps, pods are not video games. They are intentionally simple in look and approach so the software will not detract from the referee’s imagination and the essence of the tabletop role playing experience.

Each pod adventure will lead directly to one or more additional pods, branching out into multiple story lines and multiple paths that a referee can choose from.

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