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Our Own Game Company, now known as The OOGC, is an independent game development company established in Loveland, Colorado by a bunch of geeks who wanted to add their own unique voice to the game industry.

Game Development

game development

We had designed a tabletop role playing game named A’Kyria before the company was even founded. A’Kyria is a traditional fantasy tabletop RPG system based on an endless world of possibilities.

The game eventually created its own gravity well. Other friends, who saw the potential of the game, were sucked in. Expansions for A’Kyria and new game concepts were tossed into the mix. Soon everyone realized we needed to create our own game company to develop these ideas. And, hey, wouldn’t it be funny if it was named Our Own Game Company?

A Tabletop RPG With Software?

While rigorously play testing and refining the game, we simultaneously designed and developed digital adventure software. These were dubbed Adventure Pods, that made playing A’Kyria even more enjoyable. The adventures were expanded  into a massive map of interconnected story lines.

  • Rock Roll 'n' Bandits Pod
  • River Cave Outcasts
  • Dyson's Fear Farm Sphere
  • Clear the way
  • Get A Clue
  • beetle-mania-pod

The A’Kyria game rule book, original artwork, individual Adventure and Battle pods are for sale online and at conventions along the Front Range. Free apps are provided to help facilitate game play.

What’s Next?

The OOGC is currently working on a board game version of A’Kyria and a series of novels set in the A’Kyria world. We are also in production for a podcast titled The Invincible about about a hapless space crew aboard the starship Invincible. (Check back for updates on our latest projects.)

As The OOGC grows, we have plans to expand the types of games, game accessories and entertainment that we provide. Our company was built around a world of infinite possibilities. The only limits are the limits you place on yourselves. We plan to follow where these possibilities lead us.

We are The OOGC…playing for the fun of it.

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