Can you describe the new races in A’Kyria?

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Please give some detail regarding the new created races in A’Kyria

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Asked on November 15, 2015 6:11 pm
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In A’Kyria there are some standard races that everyone is familiar with, but there are also new one’s created to allow a more expansive choice. Out of the standard races, the Orc is the only one that is not traditional. I will give you the descriptions of these races here:
Orcs are rumored to be a cross between an Elf and an Ogre. Legend has it that an Elf maiden was captured by an Ogre chieftain that had his way with her while his clan was deciding who would get to eat her. She was rescued by her people, but not before she had been impregnated by the Ogre chieftain. Due to the small number of Elfish offspring, they could not bring themselves to abort the child. When it was born, they tried to raise it with the other Elfish children, but its selfish ways from the Ogre blood coursing through its veins could not be tamed. It was eventually driven from the clan, but found a life with another race. This mixing of races was the start of the Orc race that we know of today.
The modern Orc has green tinted skin that can range from light green to a dark black-green. They have the pointed ears and high eyebrows of their Elf ancestry. The hair on their head grows in a distinctive inverted crown pattern. Orcs grow out their hair in thick locks, intertwining small bones from each kill into their hair. They are fierce fighters and have a particular enmity towards Elves; due, it is believed, to their possible shared ancestry.
Bargwhy are large creatures who are known to deal with others in a fair, even and methodical manner. They are very strong, but slow, so their movement rate is only 2/3rds of the number computed. They rarely rouse to a state of anger (unless they have been physically wounded) and are completely oblivious to insults; however, they are excellent fighters, quick and methodical as the need arises. They are very protective of friends and are usually friendly with Arphils, as their races share a long history of cooperating with each other.

Arphils are a race that shares a resemblance to the canine family. They have an elongated snout, are covered in short hair, and have shortened legs which allow them to walk on all four limbs as easily as they walk on two. They have exceptional hearing and are a friendly race, although they can be considered irritating to some. They have a particular affinity with the Bargwhy and are, as often as not, seen paired with one.

Rawg’Mai are similar in appearance to a humanoid version of a traditional desert lizard. They do not have scales, but they have varied green, leathery skin and long snouts with sets of stripes running down either side of their body from the tip of their snouts to the end of their full length tails. The females are larger and more dominant than the males. Overall, they are a friendly and fair-dealing race; however, they do not like crowds or small spaces for fear of having their tails stepped on.

Scepurians are a feline based race that has shaggy Mohawk-like hair and tufts of hair extending from the top of their ears. Other than that, they have no other hair on their bodies. The race is also free of any form of a tail or whiskers; however, they do have traditional slitted pupils, longer front fangs and claws on all appendages. The Scepurians live in a matriarchal society. Scepurian women are larger than their male counterparts and hold more positions of power and esteem. Scepurians tend to be a more volatile race, quick to anger, but will quickly dismiss any altercation. They very seldom hold grudges, preferring to deal with the source of their anger immediately and efficiently, usually through one-on-one tests of fighting skill. Other races tread carefully when dealing with the Scepurians.

Sintis-Men are an insectoid race with a hard exoskeleton and an enigmatic personality. They rarely show emotion of any kind, though it is rumored that they carry extreme emotions always held in check. Their race language is pheromone based and due to the way their mouth is formed, they cannot yell or speak very loud. They have no designation for male or female and the method of reproduction is shrouded in mystery. They are quick and agile.
Laquarans are wiry, deceptively strong birdlike creatures. They have short false feathers in place of hair and a more pronounced beaklike nose. Beyond these distinguishing birdlike features, they closely resemble humans. It is nearly impossible for other races to tell the difference between male and female Laquarans. Their bones are less dense than other creatures, which give them a lighter overall weight. They are not particularly social, but if befriended, they are extremely loyal. Laquarans are swift, fierce and focused fighters who believe in the aesthetics of fighting.

Cheveroids are a quiet, small, ruthless alien race that has grown to hate just about everything because of their size. They are not kind to those races or individuals that are smaller than they are and they tend to be contemptuous and arrogant to those who are larger than they are. Little is known of Cheveroids beyond their ability to avoid confrontation and an aptitude to do fine work with their hands.

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Answered on November 15, 2015 6:12 pm
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