This A’Kyria Pod is software designed as a referee tool to enhance the tabletop role playing experience. It is a self-contained adventure, which includes a story and background, creatures, treasure, traps and more. To be used with the A’Kyria game system. Requirements are Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10.

Beetle Mania: Digital Pod #AK000090

Beetle Mania: Digital Pod #AK000090


Let’s see…enter the dark scary hole or be chained into servitude forever? Decisions…decisions. Rather than being Gladiator slaves for the Centaurs, risk escape through the secret tunnels filled with hungry beetles.


Beetle Mania will take the party through an unexplored cave system, infested with beetles, in an attempt to flee Gemsforthe. It continues the storyline of Get a Clue (Digital Pod # AK000060). It may also be played as a standalone pod.

This Pod is designed for 4-6 players; however, it can be adjusted to fit your party size with the click of a button. The recommended rank for characters is 8-9.


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