Set up in a simplified version of our standard, full adventure pods, Battle Pods allow a referee the freedom to choose the creature they want their party to encounter. With an A’Kyria Battle Pod, the referee can select the strength of the creature, choose the number to battle, track damage, tally Training Points and supply treasure for each encounter. Requirements are Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10 

Human, Guard: Digital Battle Pod #AKC00016

Human, Guard: Digital Battle Pod #AKC00016

The Guard Human Battle Pod is an individual digital creature tool for generating encounters for the A’Kyria tabletop RPG system, developed to assist you in creating your own adventures.

Creature Description:

This is the Human version of the standard city guard. These guards are usually found at the main gates, walls and important entrances that do not allow access to just anyone. They can also be found walking the streets looking to deal out harsh punishment to various law-breakers. These same guards are occasionally hired out as protection for the larger caravans.

The recommended character Rank for this creature is: 3 to 12


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